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New Zealand is the birthplace of Bungee Jumping and still remains the world?s number one destination for the sport.

Commercial bungee jumping began here in 1988. It was inspired by A J Hackett?s epic leap from the Eiffel Tower in 1986. You can?t go to New Zealand without indulging in one of their national sports (unless of course you?re sane and value your life!).

Some of the best spots in New Zealand include; the Kawarau River Bridge, the Skippers Bridge, the Pipeline, the Ledge, Taupo and Mangaweka, Hanmer Springs (in the South Island) and the Bungee Rocket at New Brighton Pier).

The Kawarau suspension bridge is New Zealand?s most famous bungee jumping spot. The bridge has been around since 1882. It's just over 20 kilometers northeast of Queenstown (New Zealand?s adventure capital) on the SH6 highway. From the bridge it's a mind-blowing 43 meter free fall into the water below.

Bungee Jumping is incredibly popular in Queensland. Thrill seekers continue to push the boundaries of the sport, forever looking for higher platforms and more adventure.

If the Kawarau Bridge isn?t high enough, try the Skippers Canyon Bridge. You can leap off a massive 71 meters over a narrow gorge of the Shotover River. Then there?s the Pipeline which is even higher at 102 meters!

In New Zealand town you can jump off the observation deck which is fearsome at 450 meters above town! To get there just take the Queenstown Skyline gondola.

You can go higher still. You can try ?heli-bungy?, which is basically doing a bungee jump from a moving helicopter. What kind of madness is that!!

Elsewhere in New Zealand
If you go to Taupo, try the Waikato River. North of Christchurch, there?s Hanmer Springs. If you?re in Auckland, head to the Sky Tower. You can jump from the tallest building in the southern hemisphere at 192 meters (630 ft).


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